Eugene presents: The Colossus of Long Island, by Ranbir Sidhu

Collaborative publication, 2005

Eugene presents is a collaborative publication of Ranbir Sidhu’s “The Colossus of Long Island.” Participants all over the world hand-copy the story into identical notebooks over an extended period of time. In the end, as with any literary publication, there are many copies of the same story, but each copy in a different hand, and thus many different stories.

Eugene presents is a chronicle of dispersal, spatial and temporal. The finished notebooks, brought together in one place, constitute a body of writing that maps some of the varieties of form that human movement can take – a material record of the infinitely varied routes walked, run, biked, driven, flown, sailed, and pondered.

Glowlab’s Open Lab at Art Interactive in Cambridge, Ma (Oct 14 – Dec 11, 2005).