Single Stream

Video (CinemaScope 4K, color, 5.1 surround sound), 23 min, 2014

Single Stream takes a close look at the problem of waste, through a visual and sonic exploration of a recycling facility. The title refers to the “single stream” method of recycling in which all types of recyclables are initially gathered together, and sorted later at a specialized facility. With Single Stream, viewers enter one of the largest of these materials recovery facilities in the US. Blurring the line between observation and abstraction, Single Stream is a meditation on our society’s culture of excess and its consequences.

Produced in collaboration with Paweł Wojtasik and Ernst Karel. It was originally produced as a large-scale video installation, exhibited at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC (July-November 2013). For more information about the installation, theatrical version, and screenings, see the project website:


Theatrical version